Welcome to my website! I've been playing RPGs for over 20 years and in 2016 began publishing my own works. This site is my online catalogue, which you can explore and find out more about my titles (currently 11 individual and 5 collaborative works). Some of them are real best-sellers!


I'm also a freelance author and help video and tabletop game designers and developers by filling their creations with unique characters, locations, and plots. Similarly, I can help your toon in an MMORPG stand out with a fantastic backstory.


I'm also a professional and experienced Polish-English/English Polish translator, who can help your works reach a wider audience.

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With over 2,500 copies sold, Options for Trollskull Manor is now a Mithral Bestseller! Only 0.21% of products on the Guild reach this level. Thank you everyone for buying!


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My works


My publications for the world's most popular RPG, published on Dungeon Master's Guild

Dungeons and Dragons 5E


My publications for Monte Cook Game's award-winning system. Licensed and under the Cypher System Program.

Numenera and the Cypher System


My publications for John Wick Presents swashbuckling RPG, released under the Explorer's Society program.

7th Sea Second Edition


Creative Work

Need a story for your character or a location? Or perhaps you're designing a video game and want a cool story to go with the gameplay? Are you an English-speaking author looking to translate your work into Polish? Contact me or see the gigs I offer on Fiverr.


Blog po polsku zawierający raporty z sesji, konwentów i rozważania o pisaniu przygód. A blog in POLISH with session reports, convention reports and other musings.


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